Linux Server Management


Learn about server and networking technologies and how they work.

This course provides you with the required knowledge to achieve a good foundation in linux server management and TCP/IP networking while addressing the new server technology developments in the networking and communication industry. It also addresses the key security technologies that are used in networks today.

The course presents server management information. The course is comprised of the following main sections.

SESSION 1: Linux and Networking Fundamentals
Learn about data networking technologies and how they work

This session provides the required knowledge to achieve a good foundation in server and data networking monitoring via serverbeep tools while also addressing the new technology developments in the industry. In this session, you will not be bombarded with over theoretical and superfluous information. The session is practical in its form and provides many useful case studies and examples.

SESSION 2: TCP/IP and the internet
Understand the Internal Workings and Technologies of the Internet

Over the next few years, TCP/IP will be implemented on virtually all computing and electronic devices. It is also the key enabler of The Internet which has grown exponentially over the years and is pervading virtually every aspect of business today. As this occurs, it is becoming essential that anyone involved in IT have an understanding of its operation and technologies. This session is designed to provide a solid understanding of the internal workings of the TCP/IP protocol suite and the Internet. It brings together the technologies and acronyms that you have heard being bandied about, into a single coherent picture that is simple and makes sense.

How to successfully take your TCP/IP network into the 21st century

IP version 6 (IPv6) is the next generation IP protocol. It has many enhancements that overcome the current limitations of IPv4. IPv6 should be viewed as a new protocol that will provide a firmer base for the continued growth of today's networks and Internet based applications, especially e-commerce, m-commerce and real-time applications. This session outlines the business case for IPv6 and discusses the many benefits that the protocol has to offer.

SESSION 4: Network security and VPNs
Understand server security technologies and their implementation

IP is the underlying technology of linux servers used by the government, the corporate world, and The Internet, to send information all around the world. Yet, despite the strength of IP as a WAN protocol, security has never been its strong point. This session discusses the security technologies that have been developed around IP to provide secure communications in the public and private IP world.




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